Airbnb with React

Building an Airbnb-like app requires strong technical support and it is important that it has to be built with futuristic technologies.

Why React for Airbnb Like App?

Better User Experience.





It offers Faster Rendering.

Better Code Stability.


Multiple Home Page Layout

Airbnb clone comes with multiple homepage layouts that you can customize based on your preference. It has several layouts like an image slider, descriptive search bar, banner content, etc. This variation in homepage layouts increases user experience by attracting the attention of users and it also increases brand recognition.

Advanced Search Filters

The advanced search filters option available in the Airbnb clone helps users to discover suitable listings based on their preferences. It also has various filters like: Check-in and Check-out dates Number of guests Instant booking Number of beds and rooms Amenities like towels, shampoo, etc. Facilities like laundry, kitchen, parking, etc. House rules etc.

Popular Locations Management

In the Airbnb clone, the popular locations can be added to display on the homepage. Admins can manage what are the locations that should be displayed on the homepage.

Reviews Auditing

In the Airbnb clone app, the admin has the ability to edit or delete spammy reviews. Also, keeping the positive reviews can help you grow in your business.

Ban Users

Fake users can be banned by the admin by using the Airbnb clone app which ensures safe use of the application. Also, it has features like, Site settings Managing users Managing admins Listing and reservation management Automatic image compression Service fee management

RentALL — Airbnb Clone app that is built with React & GraphQL. It is a flexible and elegant rental marketplace website and app tailor-made to ease out the launch of your rental business. Make your presence on the ever-growing online marketplace by using RentALL to adapt to any kind of rental business you are in.

RentALL is 100% customizable to make your dream of creating a unique rental application true.

If you are an existing rental business owner or a budding entrepreneur, RentALL — Airbnb clone will be the best match to boost up your business.

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